Peat Wollaeger 'Peat street and EYEZ' 2011

Jerald Ieans May 2009

Grand opening at 2713 Sutton

Feb 2009

Grand opening with artists Jon Cournoyer and Jake Cruzen

November group show with over 20 local artists

February Washington University sculpture exhibit

Hope Edwards photo exhibit february 23rd

Graphic in Nature exhibit march 30th

Webster University BFA Show May 4th

July 13th group show featuring

Jerald Ieans, Michael Behle, Doug Kassabaum, Belinda Lee, Matt O'Shea, Michael Hoffman, William LaChance and Alicia LaChance.

End Middle and Beginning show

featuring new work from Jon Cournoyer

Washington University sculpture exhibit

feb 15 2008

video of 'Hold me tighter' performance piece

LIFECYCLE 7 fundraiser

May 4th silent action

10320 Miles from Melbourne

June 13th

three hundred six

September 12th 2008